Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day One...

Welcome to The Cupcake Sisters Blog!  Today, Tina and I decided that we are going to begin a cupcake business.  Have either of us ever thought that we would ever do this?  No.  Do either of us have a background in business?  No.  Do we both share a love to bake and make money?  Yes.  That's all we need.

As of the past few hours, we have researched competitors in our area, prices, types of cupcakes, and have begun reading books on creating our new business.  We will definitely have a lot of obstacles to face before selling our first cupcake and thought that a blog would be a fun way to record all of it and include people in our journey. 

Our first step...brainstorming a name for our business as well as creating our logo.  Our great friend, Casey Martin, (Casey Martin Artwork) is creating a logo for us which we cannot wait to see!!

On Sunday, Tina and I will decide on which cupcakes and frostings we will use as our everyday flavors.  That means that the baking will begin and any suggestions will be taken into consideration.  What is everyone's favorite cupcake flavor?

That's all for now...